Marketing Solutions for the Western Lifestyle
Helping Montana businesses reach more customers
Marketing Solutions for the Western Lifestyle
Helping ranch, farm & recreational businesses streamline their marketing,
saving time and money while reaching more customers
Freedom, open spaces, and a love of the land
are the cornerstones of our rural, western lifestyle.

We're fortunate to live and work
where these are right outside our back door.
The challenge is finding the time to relax and enjoy them.
As business owners ourselves, we understand.

We work hard.  We play hard.

It's a constant juggling act to find the time to fit it all in.
While we haven't figured out how to create more time,
we have created a streamlined marketing process
that helps you save time, build a strong web presence,
and reach more customers.
Dynamic Web Marketing Helps You Reach More Customers
Combining four core marketing components, Dynamic Web Marketing helps you streamline your marketing and build a strong web presence.
Flexible and affordable, it adapts to your budget and adjusts to the unique needs of your organization.
Each of the four components below can be used independently, but are most powerful when combined into one continuous dynamic process.
Brand Declaration 
Your brand is the foundation of your digital marketing and the public perception of your organization. Your brand should identify your purposes and strengths. It should pinpoint your competition and target market. Most importantly, it must focus on your customer’s needs and the unique ways you meet them. 
Website Design
Your website is the core of your digital marketing and the only digital platform within your complete control. It should be mobile-friendly and provide easy access to your information, products and services.  Most importantly it must provide clear navigation for customers to connect with you.
Content Development
Your content is the voice of your digital marketing and the compelling reason that customers interact with you. It should be keyword optimized and search engine friendly. It should be clear, concise and encourage engagement. Most importantly, it must be provide information that is valuable and important to your customer. 
Message Delivery
Your messages are the fuel of your digital marketing and an efficient way to test perceived value and market demand. It should follow a planned marketing strategy, and drive traffic by being consistently delivered to a specific audience over a variety of digital channels. Most importantly, your messaging data must be tracked and documented using a digital dashboard. 
Whether you manage your marketing yourself, or have us manage it for you,
Westwind provides the tools, education and support to help you reach your marketing goals.

Domain Registration


24/7 Web Monitoring

CMS Security Updates

Brand Declaration


Content Development

Message Delivery

Page Builder Support

Digital Tracking Systems

Individualized Web Consulting

Web Marketing Workshops

"The web presence Chris developed transformed the whole persona of our organization.

She is open-minded, responsive and so patient in listening to our ideas and needs."

A Few Of Our Clients Who Use Dynamic Web Marketing Components
If you have questions like these, we can help.

How important is a website for my business?

What information should my website include?

What is branding and why is it necessary?

How will search engines find my website?

How do I know if my marketing is working?

Should I be sending an e-newsletter?

When do I use Facebook? Instagram?

What are Analytics? Insights? Impressions?