Westwind Web Helps You Reach More Customers

Four Core Marketing Components : One Time-Saving Process

Build a Strong Web Presence

Find the Customers Looking for You!

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20 Years helping 100s of clients
have allowed us to create our dynamic web marketing process.

What Makes It Dynamic?

Fluid and flexible, Dynamic Web Marketing uses four core marketing components to:
(1) Adapt to your budget  (2) Adjust to your needs
(3) Streamline your marketing (4) Build a strong web presence

Each of the four components can be used independently,
but are most powerful when combined into one seamless process.



  • Define Your Audience
  • Determine Their Demand
  • Declare Your Value

DESIGN Your Website

  • Devise Your Strategy
  • Detail Your Navigation
  • Display Your Brand

DEVELOP Your Content

  • Designate Your Keywords
  • Draft Your Story
  • Describe Your Solutions

DELIVER Your Message

  • Direct Your Messaging
  • Drive Your Traffic
  • Document Your Data