Online Marketing


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Maintaining a strong online presence and staying top-of-mind is essential to marketing your business.  Westwind's digital marketing process helps you to maintain your online presence, keeping it strong and working for you.

Westwind's digital marketing process is a fluid and flexible system
that uses three core marketing components to adapt to your budget,
adjust to your needs and help you reach more customers.

Each of the three components can be used independently,
but are most powerful when combined into one seamless process.

Digital Marketing and Website Design with Westwind Web

1. DESIGN Your Website

  • Determine Your Audience
  • Differentiate Your Value
  • Document Your Strategy
  • Diagram Your Layout
  • Detail Your Navigation

2. DEVELOP Your Content

  • Digitize Your Metrics
  • Designate Your Keywords
  • Draft Your Story
  • Display Your Media
  • Describe Your Benefits

3. DELIVER Your Message

  • Direct Your Posts
  • Disclose Your Channels
  • Demonstrate Your Products
  • Drive Your Traffic
  • Discuss Your Results