Website Development Process

Thank you for your interest in our website development services.   All of our websites are built using Joomla!, the award-winning CMS (Content Management System).  Content Management Systems are a tool used for easier management of website content through an administrative interface, which allows anyone to manage website content quickly and easily.

Following is an overview of our responsive, mobile-friendly website development process.  This can be expanded on and customized in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

Website Management

Domain Name Registration (ex: begins this phase of website development.  If you have already registered your name, this covers the DNS redirection.  

Website Hosting is also handled during this phase.  Website hosting refers to the setup of a designated space on a special server to allow your website to be accessible online.

Additionally, Content Management System (CMS) Maintenance is set up.  This covers the security updates performed on your CMS to keep it up-to-date with current website standards.

Website Design

Website design begins with the layout of your website.  Much like an architectural blueprint, the placement of the components is outlined and the navigational flow is discussed. The outline is then turned into a template to be integrated with the CMS.

Next the CMS is installed and the template is integrated.  Customizations and additional components are added based on the individual website needs.

Content Development

 We work with you during the Content Development phase, to bring together content that is fresh, unique and informative - content that drives search engine traffic and keeps your website visitors coming back.

Content development begins with a review of your business or organization.  Content areas are outlined and specific content options are discussed.  Content (text, images, videos and other media) is developed and placed in the defined content areas, bringing it to life and engaging website visitors.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing begins with the setup and installation of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  These are used for analyzing  website traffic, statistics and performance, offering valuable information for future online marketing. Once these tools are in place, an online marketing plan can be developed using a combination of search engine optimization, social media marketing, email news and internet advertising.

Website Maintenance

It's not a secret – both website visitors and search engines are more likely to visit an updated website, a site where content is added or changed regularly, design is appealing and programs function properly. 

No matter what type of business you have, ongoing Website Maintenance is a must to be sure you are getting the highest return on your website investment.