Online Marketing


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Whether you manage it yourself, or have us manage it for you, Westwind offers a complete line of digital marketing products that can be combined in a variety of ways to meet your individual marketing needs.

Website Design

Grow Customer Engagement with Strategic Website Design

Outline the SOLUTIONS you offer

Your website is the core of your web marketing and the only online platform within your complete control. It’s the hub that allows you to encourage customers to engage with you.

To effectively reach more customers, your website should incorporate your branded design elements. It should be mobile-friendly and furnish easy access to your contact information, products and services.

Most importantly your website should outline the solutions you offer by providing clear navigation and strong calls-to-action so customers can find what they're looking for.


Basic Website Design Package:

  • Mobile Friendly Website
    • Responsive Layout
    • Standard Design
    • Standard Navigation
    • Visual Page Builders
    • Google Analytics

Advanced Website Management:

  • Custom Design
  • Mega-Menu
  • Real Estate Solutions
  • Directory Solutions
  • E-commerce Solutions

Content Development

Build customer communication with Searchable Content

Explain the BENEFITS you provide

Your content is the voice of your web marketing, providing customers with your written and visual story.  It is the compelling reason that customers choose to communicate with you. 

To effectively reach more customers, your content should be search-engine friendly and people-oriented.  It should use a combination of optimized text, images and videos that are attractive and informative.

Most importantly, your content should explain the benefits you provide using information that is relevant and valuable to your customer.


Basic Content Development Package:

  • Page Development
    • Page Setup
    • Copy Addition
    • Photo/ Video Addition
    • Keyword Optimization

Advanced Content Management:

  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Message Delivery

Encourage Customer connections with Social Media Messaging

Illustrate the NEEDS you meet

Your messages are the fuel of your web marketing and the avenue through which you can reach a larger audience.  They offer an abundance of opportunities for you to grow customer connections.

To effectively reach more customers, your messages should target specific audiences.  They should be shared across a variety of platforms and presented from the customer's point of view.

Most importantly, your messages should illustrate the needs you meet through timely and consistent deliveries of posts and promotions..


Basic Message Delivery Package:

  • Digital Dashboard Configuration
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • E-news
    • Facebook/ IG Ads

Advanced Message Management

  • Social Account Setups
  • Enews Account Setup
  • Social Ad Account Setup
  • Social Content Calendars
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Ad Campaigns