Marketing for the Rural West

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Helping You Reach More Customers

Our marketing process is designed to help you build a strong web presence and reach more customers.

Our six-step marketing process is a flexible system that adapts to your budget, adjusts to your needs and helps you reach a larger market.   Each of the steps can be used independently, but are most powerful when combined into one seamless process.

Digital Marketing and Website Design with Westwind Web

1. DISCOVER Your Brand Story

  • Define Your Focus
  • Determine Your Market
  • Differentiate Your Value

4. DEVELOP Your Searchable Content

  • Designate Your Keywords
  • Draft Your Copy
  • Display Your Visuals

2. DEFINE Your Marketing Strategy

  • Describe Your Audience
  • Delineate Your Objectives
  • Document Your Plan

5. DELIVER Your Targeted Messages

  • Disclose Your Channels
  • Deploy Your Campaigns
  • Drive Your Traffic

3. DESIGN Your Responsive Website

  • Diagram Your Layout
  • Detail Your Navigation
  • Declare Your Brand

6. DISCUSS Your Digital Metrics

  • Dissect Your Analytics
  • Decipher Your Insights
  • Decide Your Next-steps